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Volume 12 - Issue 1




Image guided ablation of benign thyroid disease 

John F. Curran and Omar Hilmi . J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


The use of percutaneous drains in head and neck surgery – An evidence-based approach 

SY Hey, S Flach, A Lim, and J Manickavasagam, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


A systematic multidisciplinary approach for assessing infants with feeding and swallowing difficulties: Understanding what the otolaryngologist brings to the team, Nikki Mills and Melissa Keesing,J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Implications of childhood obesity for the otorhinolaryngologist

Wai Sum Cho and Tawakir Kamani, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Paediatric reinnervation update

Virginia Fancello, Andrea Burgess, Hasnaa Ismail-Koch and Kate J Heathcote, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Crico-arytenoid joint fixation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Mohamed Shaker, Steven Frampton, Jonathan Buckland, Alice Leahy and Hans de Graff, V


Paediatric dysphagia: The role of the speech and language therapist

Jamie-Leigh Allen, Julia Robinson and Zoe Sherlock, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Complications of dermal fillers

Dr Evelina Russell, Dr Aarthi Ravishankar, Mr Alwyn D’Souza and Mr Anil Joshi, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Mechanisms and treatment options for chronic non-allergic rhinitis

K. Van Gool and V. Hox, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Endoscopic repair cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea 

Karan Jolly, Georgios Tsermoulas and Shahzada K Ahmed, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Orbital and optic nerve decompression

O.C Okonkwo Mand S K Ahmed, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Auricular prominence and otoplasty – An overview

Abdul Nassimizadeh, Mohammad Nassimizadehand Grace Lee Peng, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Facial palsy in childhood

Matthew Rollin, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Abstracts: ENT Masterclass Trainees’ Gold Medal 2019 84, J of  ENTMASTERCLASS


Disclaimer: The individual authors have responsibility for the integrity of the content of the manuscripts.


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