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Application forms for ENT Masterclass courses

Due to the current International Covid-19 crisis, the dates and details of all our courses are subject to change on short notice.

Please click the appropriate hyperlink below to print the application forms. 

To secure your place, please fill the forms electronically, sign, print off and post

Terms and conditions for applications

  • Hand written application forms will not be accepted

  • The deposit cheques are non-refundable if you do not attend the course. 

  • Cancellation with less than 6 week's notice will result in loss of the deposit.

  • Please see application forms for further instructions.

  • ENT Masterclass reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any event organised by us.

  • Certificates for our courses have to be requested within 4 weeks of the course date. T&C apply.

  • ENT Masterclass reserves the right to issue any CME certificates.

  • ENT Masterclass reserves the right to cancel or alter dates for any Masterclass event and shall not be responsible for any loss incurred in this regard.

  • All consultants 3-years post appointment or post CCT are advised to apply for the Consultants' Masterclass. Any applications for trainee focused courses by them will incurr a tariff (Approx: from £300/- ).

Contact e-mail:

2021-2022 courses
Remarks / Status
Application forms
12th March 2023
 3rd ENT Masterclass Global Townhall
No registration required. Please visit link 
31st March-1st April 2023
 5th ENT Masterclass Dissection course
For ST 3-6 UK trainees. Limited spaces
12-13th May 2023
ENT Masterclass Middle East, Bahrain
For details:
28th June 2024
13th Advanced ENT Emergency Masterclass
Application form
29th June 2024
17th Thyroid and Salivary ENT Masterclass 
Proposed course program
25th June 2023
14th ENT Radiology Masterclass
Proposed course program 
27-30th Oct 2023 
3rd ENT Masterclass Pakistan, Karachi & Islamabad
For details: Details to follow
  7th ENT Masterclass Australia, Sydney
For details:  Details to follow
 29-30th Sept 2023
 2nd ENT Masterclass 'Central Asia', Tashkent, Uzbekistan
 For details:
6-7th Oct 2023
2nd ENT Masterclass World Congress. Bucharest, Romania
For details:
 13th Oct 2023
15th National ENT Nursing Masterclass, Doncaster, UK.
 For details:
 14th Oct 2023
13th National Tracheostomy Masterclass, Doncaster, UK
 For details:
 27-29th Oct 2023
 3rd ENT Masterclass 'Pakistan', Islamabad
 For details:  Details to follow
26-28th Jan 2024
18th Annual National ENT Masterclass, Doncaster Royal Infirmary
For details:
6th ENT Masterclass China, (venue TBC)
For details:
 2024 (TBC)
3rd ENT Masterclass Switzerland, Lausanne
For details:  Details to follow
Nov 2023 (TBC)
 6th Consultants' ENT Masterclass
For details: Royal College of Surgeons, London. Details to follow soon
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