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                                      The 2nd ENT Masterclass Academic travelling club


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29th April-1st May, 2017

Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa  





 1st ENT Masterclass Academic Travelling Club: India 6-14th December 2014

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‘In the Shadows of the Taj Mahal’

The ENT Masterclass Academic Travelling Club, 6-14th December, India.

Sixth December, 2014, 09:30 am, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Flight BA 0139 lands and the ENT Masterclass Academic Travelling club was born. Within minutes, flights from Sydney, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai and London brought the nine-member faculty to their waiting bus and garlands of fresh marigolds.

By midday, we were in the main lecture hall of India’s premiere medical centre; the All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS).  Prof Alok Thakar was the local host and had helped organise this joint AIIMS ENT Masterclass training event. Prof Sharma, Chairman of the ORL dept at AIIMS welcomed the guests followed by a report on the ENT Masterclass resources by Shahed Quraishi, Consultant ENT surgeon at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England and Director of ENT Masterclass.

Within minutes the hall was full with about 200 surgeons, some of whom had travelled over a thousand miles from across India to attend this event. The academic programme started with the rhinology session, with excellent talks on sino-nasal, functional and aesthetic nasal surgery. The day ended with a lively ‘round table’ on the place for open surgery in rhinology.

Day 2 started with an early morning clinical ward round at the ENT ward in AIIMS. It was almost surreal to see the number who turned up on a Sunday morning at 7:45am,….. standing room only! Prof Thakar, Prof Sharma and their colleagues presented a whole rainbow of cases from maxillary malignancies to skull base glomus tumors with surgical outcomes, which could only come from masters! Then it was back to the main lecture hall where Prof Santosh Kacker, the father of Indian otology chaired the session with state of the art lectures from Prof Kaschke, Prof Ray, Ms Neumann, Dr Victor and Dr Sikka.

The Paediatric session saw technology at its best with Michael Kuo beamed from UK, delivering an excellent talk on Paediatric airways.

The Head & Neck session was dominated by Prof Sharma who shared his huge experience in glomus body tumor surgery. The session concluded with an enchanting panel discussion on head & neck cases with Vin Paleri in full flow. So, the inaugural leg of the maiden ENT Masterclass Academic Travelling Club ended with objectives achieved beyond our dreams and the air echoing for a date for the next visit!

It wasn’t all work and no play for the merry band, after a course dinner hosted by Prof Thakar it was an early start the next day, sightseeing this time. Delhi is a city of history….. a thousand years illustrated by a string of fabulous architectural marvels from the 11th to the 20th century. Between tombs, mosques, forts, palaces and temples we managed lunch at an authentic Mughal restaurant managed by the descendants of the cook to the last Mughal Emperor of Delhi. The next day, ENT Masterclass was in the shadows of the beauty of the Taj Mahal. With a magic which cannot be described, it has to be seen, the world’s greatest story of love in white marble for eternity to worship.

Winding our way through the sands of Rajasthan, the great fort of Mann Singh, one of the greatest desert warriors of India was our next stop. First it was a matter of getting a couple of elephants from the ‘local taxi rank’ and then the steep climb up the mountain on them, chauffeured by our able bodied mahouts. A tour of the fort followed. It was lavish living to match the Caliphs of the Arabian nights; of ivory doors, marble walls decorated with gems of every colour and size, stories of harems, of a dancing hall with a million tiny mirrors imported from Italy in the 17th Century, of fountains spewing rose-scented water, of sundials accurate to 10 seconds and snakes dancing to the tunes of the charmers. Like all good dreams the time machine ended with some good old twenty-first century shopping mixed with some fifteenth century haggling at Jaipur, buying local sapphires, diamonds, pashminas and Indian silver.

 Mumbai is a city of 15 million souls, a city of contrasts; skyscrapers next to fishing huts, mosques next to temples, Porches racing rickshaws, nuclear submarines sharing quays with wooden dhows…. straight out from a set of ‘Sinbad the sailor’! This was the setting for the last leg of the Academic programme. Prof Kirtane and Prof Nupur Kapoor were the local hosts, but this bit of the ENT Masterclass was not without its own bit of history. The Masterclass was being conducted simultaneously across the length and breath of India at hotels in 18 cities from Kolkata to Chandigarh to Hyderabad, the nerve-centre was the Fern hotel, Mumbai, 1200 ENT surgeons in all (2 million square miles covered).

It was all high-octane stuff, right from the first talk by Ms Codruta Nuemann on Paediatric emergencies. Prof Kirtane gave an eye-opening update on the excellent work being done by the Indian Cochlear implant programme. State of the art lectures followed one after the other ranging from pituitary tumors, craniofacial surgery to evaluation and management of voice disorders.

By 7 pm on the 14th of December, the 8-day academic travelling club came to an end with 40 state-of-the-art lectures and 4 lively panel discussions. The feedback was phenomenal from all over India and also from dozens of others who had logged in from across the globe.


The ENT Masterclass team were: Prof Oliver Kaschke (Germany), Dr Faruque Riffat (Australia), Mr Tim Woolford (UK), Mr Hesham Saleh (UK), Prof Nirmal Kumar (UK), Prof Jaydip Ray (UK), Mr Vin Paleri (UK), Mr Michael Kuo (UK), Ms Codruta Neumann (UK), Mr Abir Bhattacharyya (UK), Prof Alok Thakar (India), Prof Milland Kirtane (India) and Prof Nupur Kapoor (India). Team Director: Mr Shahed Quraishi (UK),  


In conjunction with:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi &

Mumbai Hospital, Mumbai

Location: India

Dates: 5th -14th December


Delhi ENT Masterclass 6th-7th December

Course programme


Mumbai ENT Masterclass: 13th-14th December 

Course Programme


Satellite ENT Masterclasses to be held in 20 cities across India via live video links:

West: Mumbai, Nagpur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune

East: Kolkata, Patna, Bhubaneshwar

North: Delhi, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Jaipur

South:  Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calicut 

(details to be announced soon)

More details to follow.: Course programme