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Cyber Text Book on Operative Surgery

4th Edition, October 2015.   

ENT Masterclass® continues in its philosophy to provide free educational resources nationally and internationally. We now present the Fourth Edition of ‘Cyber Textbook on Operative Surgery’. We have added a new section for Paediatric ENT and updated the Facial Plastics and Basic ENT Skills section for medical students and some additional surgical videos. I would like to thank the co-editors, Mr Sid Nagala and Mr Mahmoud Daoud for their help with the current edition. 

For the benefit of the 'intensive scholars' we have placed "music pods" YouTube links, between the chapters to feed your souls when you need a break....enjoy!

Some of us would remember ‘Operative Surgery by Rob & Smith’, which was very popular in the 1980s. Keeping up with times, here is an attempt to get together the immense resources available in the public domain on the internet, YouTube, Google and various academic websites, which are the main sources that have helped in this project. We are thankful to the numerous contributors from all over the world. There are approximately 400 free videos which are mostly under 10 minutes each and demonstrate techniques which may vary according to local preferences and so does the background music!

ENT Masterclass® does not advocate any particular surgeon or technique in this collection and it is up to the viewers to make their own judgements and utilise what they think is appropriate.

We hope that this resource will be an evolutionary platform and I would request viewers to email their votes/comments on individual videos at: secretary@entmasterclass.com   On the basis of the feedback we shall hope to edit the list and would welcome contributions to add to the collection.

We hope you benefit from this venture.


Mr. M S Quraishi, FRCS, FRCS (ORL & Head Neck)


Director, ENT Masterclass®,
Consultant Otolaryngologist,
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Surgical Oncology,
Doncaster Royal Infirmary,

Armthorpe Road, Doncaster, UK, DN2 5LT



Cybertextbook contents  

Head & Neck



Facial Plastics


Basic ENT skills




Image Guided Sinus Surgery 

Dr Kevin Soh, Singapore: Video Link


Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery  

Dr Kevin Soh, Singapore: video link 

Dr Wolfgang Draf & Amir Minovi: video link

Mr Hesham Saleh, London video link

Dr Roy Casiano

video link Part 1

video link Part 2

video link Part 3 

video link Part 4 

video link Part 5

video link Part 6 


Dr Bhargava, India video link

Mr Jai Manickavasagam, England video link

Endoscopic Septoplasty, Dr Santoshkumar Bedarkar: Video Link 

Principles & Practice of Septoplasty (Cadaver), Dr Randolph Robinsons: Video Link 

Deviated nasal septum 

Dr A Alvi, USA: video link 

Unknown Youtube resource,Taiwan Video Link

Dr Christopher Chang, Virginia Video Link


Open/Extracorporeal Septorhinoplasty 

Dr R Rohrich, USA: video link

Dr T Das, India: video link

Dr G Shubailat, Jordan video link 



Open rhinoplasty 

Dr Michael Schwartz:video link 

Unidentified surgeon: YouTube resource video link

Dr Rd J Rohrich, USA

Assessment: video link

Open approach: video link

Nasal Tip: video link

Natural tip rhinoplasty: video link

Osteotomy in rhinoplasty: video link

Correction of alar flaring: video link 

Alar resection: video link                 


Closed rhinoplasty:

Manhattan ENT Hospital, New York: Video Link

Septal perforation repair

Dr S Houser, USA: video link


Nasal Polypectomy

Endoscopic Microdebrider

Dr Michael Hawke, Toronto, Canada: Video Link

Dr T Schaeffer, USA: video link

Dr I Naamdar video link


Turbinate surgery

Jih-Chin Lee, Taiwan: Video Link (Submucosal)

Mr Jai Manickavasagam, UK: video link (microdebrider)

Sinus Surgery, video link  


Intranasal Antrostomy

Dr Chandra Rakesh, USA: video link

California, USA: Video Link

Dr Michael Hawke, Toronto, Canada

Video Link

Video Link 


Nasal artery ligation 

Anterior ethmoidal and SPA clipping:

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Video Link

Video Link

Taiwan: Video Link

Dr T Schaeffer, USA video link 

Sphenopalatine artery ligation:

Mr P. Nankivell and Mr A George, UK video link


CSF leak repair:

Mr Hesham Saleh, London video link

Dr B T Schaeffer, New York video link

MAA ENT Institute, India video link

Dr Krishnamoorthy video link

sinus videos: video link

Alfred Aga video link

California, USA

video link 

video link

video link 

Prof Helal, Egypt

Part 1: Video Link

Part 2: Video Link

Part 3: video link   


Sinus Surgery 

Caldwell Luc: (recommended by Mr Rishi Talwar, London)

Shinoy Ansari: video link  


Silent Sinus Syndrome:

Dr Chandra Rakesh, USA video link



Sinus videos: video link

Concha bullosa resection

Dr K Soh, Singapore: video link            

Dr O Rahat video link

Dr Hawke video link

Dr T Schaeffer  video link


Anterior ethmoidectomy 

Dr I Witterick video link

Dr Aurora, India video link

External ethmoidectomy 

The ORL Surgical video link


Dr O Rahat video link

Opening frontal recess

Dr Sudana Rao, India video link




Summer Wine: Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood 

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Für Elise 

What a wonderful World: Louis Armstrong 

Strangers in the night: Frank Sinatra 

Scarborough fair: Simon & Garfunkel, Central Park, New York (1981)

By your side: Sade        



Nasal Balloon sinuplasty 


Dr T Schaeffer: video link

Mr M Draper video link



Dr T Schaeffer, USA video link

Surgical video atlas video link  



ENT New Orleans video link

Dr T Schaeffer, USA

video link

video link

Dr T Schaeffer, USA: video link


Endoscopic DCR

Dr Shakthesh, India video link

Dr Bhargava, India video link

California, USA: video link

Dr John Delgaudio, USA video link


Inverted Papilloma resection

Dr Chandra Rakesh, USA video link

Dr Michael Hawke, Toronto, Canada video link

Surgical Video Atlas: video link (Superior Rhinotomy) 

Endoscopic endonasal and transmaxillary resection of Inverted Papilloma Dr CarlosNeto: Video Link 


Juvenile angiofibroma

Dr R M Rzayev, Baku, Azerbaijan video link

Dr A Matamoros, Ecuador video link

Dr C P Neto video link


Endoscopic: Frontal sinus mucocoeles:

Dr S K Chung, South Korea video link

Dr Paolo Castelnuovo, Italy video link


Endoscopic Drainage of orbital mucoceole

Dr Hawke video link

Dr C P Neto,

video link     (endoscopic)

video link  (transcaruncular)  

Choanal Atresia

Dr T Schaeffer, USA video link

Dr Sudana Rao, India video link

Dr S Houser, USA video link

Dr Murad Husein: Video Link 


Surgical approaches to the Skull base

Pituitary tumor:

Dr P Garner, USA video link


Petroclival meningioma

video link 

Dr Schwartz, USA

video link 

video link


Transnasal Pituitary Surgery:

Dr B T Schaeffer, New York

Video Link

Video Link


Cystic craniopharyngioma:

Mr Vijay Anand & Theodore Schwartz Video Link


Surgical approaches to Face

External Frontoethmoidectomy (Lynch Procedure- Superior Rhinotomy)

Surgical Video Atlas Video Link 

Lateral rhinotomy 

Dr Balasubramanian video link


DR A B Majumdar, India video link

Midfacial degloving 

Dr John Victor: video link

Bicoronal flap approach     

Dr Balaji, India video link 


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