ENT Masterclass 'Europe'

4th ENT Masterclass Europe

6-7th Sept 2019, 

Bucharest, Romania

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3rd ENT Masterclass Europe 'Switzerland'

Lausanne, 5-6th Oct 2018

Free two-day course for ENT Surgeons 

International Faculty

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2nd Annual ENT Masterclass
® 'Europe' 

1st-2nd September, 2017,

at the Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus (Empress Friedrich House), Berlin.  

Free two-day course for ENT Surgeons 

International Faculty


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Limited places, on first come basis. Early applications advised

Registration closes at 11pm 20th August 2017 British time

History of ENT Masterclass Europe

After the successful global launch of ENT Masterclass® in UK, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia and China.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 1st Annual ENT Masterclass® ?Europe?, on the 16-17th of September 2016 at the Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus (Empress Friedrich House), Berlin.

ENT Masterclass® is the largest free ENT training platform in Europe for senior ENT surgical trainees and consultants. Over 100 professors, consultants and other top opinion leaders from across the world are in the Faculty.

This course is going to cover current important topics in Otolaryngology and will consist of four half-day modules (Paediatric ENT, Otology, Rhinology/Facial plastics and Head & Neck Surgery).

It shall consist of 24 state-of-the-art lectures and 4 panel discussions. Over 150 surgeons are expected to attend with delegates and faculty from Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Denmark and Ireland. The course proceedings shall be in English.

Coordinator, ENT Masterclass® Europe: Prof Oliver Kaschke, Berlin, Germany

Further details to follow soon